About Us


Overview of Verdict Group – TrackNow!!

Verdict Group was founded in 2015 as a SaaS company that is helping businesses across the globe in managing their vehicle fleets and workforce in real-time. Our core objective is to connect vehicles, people and goods on the go. While the company has an on-going research into new technologies that are available, to maximize fleet efficiency, our platforms are ideal for every business that is looking to transform the way it delivers.

Service Profile

We currently cater to major logistics like Hazardous Chemicals, Pharmas, Milk and essential supplies, Cold Chains, Mining, Public Transports like taxis, school buses, tours & travels, food deliveries, FMCG companies & infrastructure companies across pan India..

Supporting Telematics businesses across India by providing them with our robust solution which they can offer to their existing clients is another feather in our cap.

Solution and Governance

Our solutions are custom-made, after-sales service is consistent at a competitive price point.

Our solutions for fleet management and employee workforce for our clients have proven to increase their work efficiency with the help of real-time connectivity.

Our technology platforms are very innovative and feature-rich that offers highly agile and flexible technology components that can fit in to your system as if it was custom built for your organization.