Our Solutions

Value Added Customized Solutions

1. Vehicle immobilization (Required Extra Accessory)

This is very helpful against vehicle theft and hijack. It is mainly used as a safeguard of the vehicle. This feature is used to stop the vehicle movement remotely in any of the following events like:

2. A.C. ON/OFF (Support VT02 Models and need Extra Wiring)

Vehicle’s A.C. usage can be monitored with the help of our system. There are many cases where the vehicle is idle and it’s A.C. is ON causing excess usage of fuel and engine load.

3. Door Open/Close (Support VT02 Models and need Extra Wiring)

This facility is to prevent an entry of unauthorized entry of others. This utility provides a complete data of how many times door opened and closed.

4. SOS/Panic Button (Required Button to be installed in vehicle)
5. Fuel Consumption & Monitoring (Required Sensor)
6. Temperature Monitoring (Required Sensor)
7. Geo-coding of your Branches & Customers Locations

This will help to monitor the in/out time of vehicles at branches and customers locations. It will also have a clear record of vehicle retention by the customers at the premises / plant.